Palla Capital Corporation, founded by Srikanth Palla has launched Moonshot – a digital crowdfunding platform combined with advisory services to offer easy access to financing solutions for start-ups and founders to raise capital in an efficient and effective way. Bringing a scientific and methodical approach developed by their team’s experience and expertise in the crowdfunding space and by devising solutions to the major pain points in the current marketplace, Moonshot is poised to position itself to make a difference by saving time and money to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors.

The new funding portal will provide easy access to investors’ capital and streamline the process of going to market, for founders looking to launch their offerings in weeks rather than months.

Moonshot will support Reg D, Reg CF & Reg A/A+ as part of the firm’s commitment with the initial go-live to assist multiple investments, with the help of company relationships with various high quality Broker Dealers in the marketplace.

Moonshot will also assist any start-up with a holistic approach on raising capital by providing advisory services that will help the sponsors with introductions and selection of specialised and experienced  crowdfunding Marketing, Legal, Accounting and Audit firms which ultimately saves the most valuable asset for any startups -”The Time”   

Founders/Companies will then be able to raise unlimited capital via a Reg D offering. Reg CF will allow to raise up to $5M and Reg A+ will allow to raise up to $75M in a calendar year.

“We are very excited about our proposed launch of the Moonshot funding portal because we are solving a major problem in the current marketplace that will help founders and companies navigate the complex landscape of regulatory, compliance, management and operational efficiencies of their offerings. This is one of our core values at Palla Capital, Helping the startup founders and business community to grow and make an impact” said Srikanth Palla

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