HomeTeky, LLC. is an e-Commerce brand that is actively scaling its “wholesale to retail” operations on Amazon and other major ecommerce platforms. Palla Capital is in talks and negotiating with the principals of HomeTeky, LLC. to acquire and scale the brand.

HomeTeky, an online retail store, sells home and office electronics and essentials among other consumer products, making it a very highly scalable e-Commerce brand of Palla Capital.

Looking at its expansion strategy, HomeTeky is actively working with Amazon and other ecommerce dealers to source fast moving products by conducting extensive and proprietary market product research. Buying inventory at a wholesale price from wholesalers and selling them on Amazon at a retail price at scale will be highly profitable.  

These orders will be fulfilled by both Amazon(FBA) & the Merchant(FBM)

Contingent to raising capital, Palla Capital, in the near future, has plans to expand this strategy “At Scale” by deploying capital to HomeTeky and other ecommerce businesses. This will also be a part of Palla Capital’s  growth plan to increase revenues and bottom line EBITDA.

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