The idea of the “Metaverse,” which is many years old, is simply becoming the technology of the future. Early efforts to lay out the Metaverse came from the gaming industry and present day computer games are progressively intended to have intelligent virtual universes, which is a clear sign of adoption of the Metaverse.

The virtual world has since then extended to various applications such as Business Communication, Finance, DeFi, e-Commerce, Sales & Marketing, Entertainment and Online Education.

NeoNekt, a Palla Capital subsidiary, has recently established its origins in Meta innovations, with the plans to use the acquired patents in product development and exploring multiple revenue streams through licensing, business partnerships and joint ventures with multiple companies in the virtual space.

Working with the likes of IBM, NeoNekt is exploring the partnership with IPwe( to secure blockchain empowered licences for projects that were developed on grounds of virtual communications, among other AR/VR and Meta applications.

Among many companies like NeoNekt, Microsoft has been viewed as the organisation with the biggest number of licences connected with AR/VR and  metaverse. It has been creating and safeguarding innovations that mean a lot to the creation of the Metaverse. Microsoft is particularly prolific in AI innovations around human memory, virtual assistants in augmented reality and holographic augmentation, among many others.

NeoNekt’s vision is to unleash a revolution in the business communication and efficiency space, with never-seen-before developments and forward leaps. This will turn into a relic of past times with NeoNekt entering the virtual space.

As of now, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Palla Capital, NeoNekt is exploring various AR/VR & Meta applications with tech organisations, to build innovative patent-endorsed products and to increase revenue through licensing. 

Following patents in the AR/VR space are owned by NeoNekt and these technologies can be the founding blocks of a metaverse, to develop a practical, scalable and sustainable virtual ecosystem.

U.S. Patent No: 8,117,281

Issued: 02/14/2012

Title: Using internet content as a means to establish live social networks by linking internet users to each other who are simultaneously engaged in the same and/or similar content

U.S. Patent No: 8,234,218

Issued: 07/31/2012

Title: Method of inserting/overlaying markers, data packets and objects relative to viewable content and enabling live social networking, N-dimensional virtual environments and/or other value derivable from the content

U.S. Patent No: 8,707,185

Issued: 04/22/2014

Title: Dynamic information management system and method for content delivery and sharing in content-, metadata- and viewer-based, live social networking among users concurrently engaged in the same and/or similar content

U.S. Patent No: 725,826

Issued: 05/13/2014

Title: Linking users into live social networking interactions based on the users’ actions relative to similar content

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